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Jamaica Jim's Silly Insanity!

Warning: Reading the linked files can be hazardous -- to your bad mood!

I've created a few files, what I euphemistically refer to as my "Silly Stuff" and below are links directly to those files.  They were carefully compiled by Yours Truly to provide humoorous approaches to what can be a pretty dreary life otherwise!  So, Dear Heart, here's hoping that one or more of my contributions below will strike a smile and a giggle for you!  Enjoy!

"The Sermon of the Psaltree Tree"  is a masterly creation, recorded by Holman Willis (and copyrighted in 1948) providing a riotous sermon in the dialect of African Americans of a bygone era.

"D.I.F." - Dreaded Island Fever  is almost universally found all over the Caribbean

"A Letter Home From Hedonism II"  provides the reader with a view of what Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica is all about. <Grin!> 

"The Carib Bean" was created to lend a note of authenticity (!) to the history of the Caribbean, and to try -- in my ham handed way -- to teach folks how the word is spelled!

NOTE: All of the above files were created with a my tongue pressed firmly against the interior of my mouth!

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