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This graphic was originally included on the back of a Go Classy Tours brochure and A. J. Hutchinson added the JJ just below the sandal!
The Sixth Annual Jamaica Jim - 
Hedonism 2003 Vernal Reunion!
For years, I've been providing information to a countless number folks all around the world -- via e-mails, on CompuServe, on the Internet and even by phone  -- about the Caribbean, Jamaica and especially about Negril and Hedonism II.   With my down home, homespun humor and folksy country charm, Yours Truly has provided answers to questions from thousands of folks. 

Using my acquired knowledge from more than a hundred  trips to the Caribbean and my visits to more than half of the Caribbean countries, plus my personal library of more than 100 Caribbean travel books, I answer e-mail questions candidly and I hope knowledgeably -- and also hopefully with just a touch of Southern wit.  I've also been instrumental in many hundreds of folks finding out about the pleasures of Hedonism.  Due to my efforts, back in December, 1996, Hedonism and SuperClubs gave me it's coveted "Above and Beyond Award" in recognition of my continuing contributions to enlighten folks with my computer!

Jamaica Jim's Above & Beyond Award from Hedonism II
Attendees at First Annual Jamaica Jim Hedonism Vernal Reunion at Cosmos Restaurant, May, 1998
Attendees at the
"First Annual Jamaica Jim
Hedonism Vernal Reunion" 
at Cosmos Restaurant, May, 1998
For years, Nina and I have visited Hedonism II the last full week of May each year - this began when we were both working at two separate banks.  By going that particular week each year, we could arrive on a Saturday, stay through the next week and then stay through the second weekend till the following Monday, which was Memorial Day, a bank holiday.  We had the benefit of being at the resort for nine nights - ten days, but only using one week - five days - of our vacation.  Thus, we could return again in the fall - we would pay for five nights and use three free nights we were entitled to by staying a total fourteen nights within a calendar year - and stay for a total of eight nights - nine days.

Also, by going the same time each year - which became to be known as the "Annual Jamaica Jim Hedonism Vernal Reunions" - we had the pleasure of seeing folks from past trips.  I guess the first was back in the late 1980s and I figure we have actually had about fourteen so far!   We have always enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones in May of each year since then and recharging our batteries until our next trip.

A few years back, Go Classy Tours, the travel agent I personally use for all my travel arrangements, indicated that they frequently had queries from clients as to when Yours Truly was planning to go back to Hedonism II.  They suggested that there were enough folks who know me - or want to know me - that they could arrange a group get together for folks who wanted to go to Hedonism with me.  They could get a "large group" rate - much below the rate that any other travel agency could obtain for that week each year - and set up for a super time for everybody!   That was in 1998 and they have continued to arrange for the group rate each year since.

As with the Jamaica Jim Hedonism Vernal Reunions of 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and  2002,  the one in 2003 provided folks an opportunity to join me for what was a great trip.

We don't have plansyet  to again have the Annual Jamaica Jim Hedonism Vernal Reunion in 2004, but keep tuned here to see what develops. 

Now, remember for all y'all's travel arrangements -- be it for an anual reunion or just kicking back -- the best possible service and rates are to be had through Go Classy Tours of Palm Harbor, Florida!   Call Lance at 888-825-2779 (toll free) or e-mail him at the  In the meantime, be sure and call Lance and let him know that you want to make reservations for Hedonism II from having seen the "Jamaica Jim Hedonism Vernal Reunion" page on my home page!

Showing Jamaica Jim at the original Delroy's Bar.
Yours Truly - at Deloy's old Beach bar


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