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The following trip report was composed and is provided here by Alston Jordan Beckman (Jamaica Jim's oldest daughter).  It gives a short account of the observations and experiences she and her family had while staying at Bahia Principe Resort, just north of Tulum, with her husband and two daughters.
Alston, Caroline, Jordan and John at Bahia Principe Resort.
Alston, Caroline, Jordan and John at Bahia Principe Resort
Trip Report – Bahia Principe-Tulum
July 1, 2001

Facility - Bahia Principe - Tulum is a lovely resort, exceptionally well maintained.  The resort is large and spread out.  Our villa was next to the main dining room, which was an ideal location (#3000 unit).

Our room was very nice.  Marble tiled floors and a nice décor.  The bath was marble and had tub/with hand shower, pullout clothesline. The mini-bar was stocked each afternoon with beer, water, juice, sodas, candy bars, and chips.  The kids enjoyed this!  Beds were very comfortable.  The maid changed our sheets, we think, daily, plus made cute “birds” out of towels, etc.

The pools were neat with a wide shelf for sunning in your lounge chair in the water.  Swim up bar was nice.  The kids were able to get frozen drinks from machines, alcohol could be added for adults.

The beach was nice.  I was disappointed that a large portion of the beach has been left natural, so it was difficult walking on it.  There was great snorkeling.  I suggest, if you are staying anywhere but near the “swimming” part of the beach, that you take the shuttle to the far end of the beach.  They will take you and gear right to the dive shop.  It is a hike to take gear to this area from the other side of the resort.

Open air restaurants, bar, and club for nightly entertainment were large and furnished nicer than any resort we have stayed at on previous trips (Club Med, Boscobel) We have not had table clothes and tables set for all dining before (except lunch) at other resorts.  This was nice.

Service/Staff - The staff was exceptionally friendly, polite, and helpful.  Our service was super.  Not everyone speaks English but they try to accommodate you in any way possible. Language was not a barrier.  Everyone was is starched uniforms and were neat, even those working yard maintenance.

Food  - There was a good selection of all types of dishes, from Mexican fare to American. Great fresh fruit and vegetables.  Fruit drinks and made to order foods were great, too.  Something for everyone.  We really enjoyed the breads, pastries, and desserts!

Activities - You can do activities or relax.  We were in the later category.  We enjoyed the snorkeling.  There were dance lessons and games.  The shows were at 10, next to the bar, which closes at 10.  After the show, a bar opens at the Hacienda. Until late hours.  We did not go to this bar/disco.

Xel-Ha - The best way to see Xel-Ha is to take a taxi from the resort US$7.50 by 8:30 am.  Park opens early.  We were the first ones there.  Got a reservation for the dolphin swim at 11:00 AM (there are 4 time slots of about 12 people each). 

Caroline swims with dolphin at Xel-Ha.
Caroline swims with dolphin at Xel-Ha
  • Take you own gear and towels and minimal supplies. 
  • Rent a locker. 
  • Purchase eco-friendly sunscreen before you go (US$12.50 at the park, they do not allow sunscreen). 
  • Snorkel along the edge of the park where water is clear or near rock/coral in center. 
  • Get a snack lunch and return for a late lunch at the resort (up to 3pm). 
  • This trip would have been US$104 per person including children through Apple.  It was all-inclusive, food, gear and transport but only gave you 4 hours at the park and a quick tour to Tulum (About $2 us per person to get in).  Not worth the bucks!
Great trip - Highly recommended.  If we return we would opt for five days instead of the seven.

    Alston J. Beckman

Copyright © Alston J. Beckman July, 2001


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