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   GREENVILLE, SC -  Jamaica Jim and Nina took yet another two week European cruise starting in mid August, 2003. 
   They flew to Vienna for three days, and then boarded Grand Circle Travel's M/S Har- mony and cruised up the Danube, across Ger- many on the Main-Danube Canal and down the Main and Rhine Rivers, ending up in Am- ster dam.
   During the cruise, on two occasions  friends of theirs met the ship for a reunion with our intrepid travelers.

   NEGRIL, Jamaica -- In May, 2003, Jamai- ca Jim and Nina Jordan again returned to the "Land of Wood and Water" for a two week stay on the island.
   The first week was spent at Hedonism II, their thirtieth visit to this venerable "palace of pleasure."  This was followed by a short flight back to Montego Bay aboard one of TimAir Limited's great Cessnas and then a bus ride to Runaway Bay and Hedonism III -- their sixth visit to the resort.

     GREENVILLE, SC -  Jamaica Jim Jordan and Nina took a two week Euro pean cruise during September, 2002.  Starting in Basel, Switzerland,  the cruise went down the Rhine and Mosel Rivers, stopping off in France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Nether lands and finished up in Antwerp, Belgium.

    NEGRIL, Jamaica -- In May, 2003, "The Sixth Annual Jamaica Jim Hedonism Vernal Reunion Week" was held at Hedonism II.
   For more information about 2003 "Sixth Annual Jamaica Jim Hedonism Vernal Reunion Week" you can easily check out the Reunion Page here.
   For your advance reservations at the lowest possible rates, be sure and contact Lance or Kay Hutchinson at Go Classy Tours toll free at 888-825-2779 or you can visit Go Classy's web site. You can also virtually visit Go Classy Tours' Caribbean Travel Forum -- just click here.

    GREENVILLE, SC -- Early in October, 2000, Nauti Nina and Jamaica Jim Jordan finally relocated back to their "roots" with their move to Greenville, South Caro- lina, where both grew up.
    Their "new" house is located at 110 Wren Way in Swansgate, a gated seniors com- munity, which is restricted to folks over fifty-five years of age.   (Jim and Nina are among the "younger" residents there!)
    (To virtually visit and view their home in SwansGate, click here.)
    Their new home is all on one floor (so,
as Nina said, "We won't have to walk up- stairs, to get to a bedroom, at our age!") and has one room completely devoted to housing Jim's three (active!) HP computers, along with Nina's new HP Pavilion computer, running Windows ME.
    Of course, all  Nina really uses hers for is to play Solitaire -- she has over a hundred Solitaire games and she's already mastered all of them!
    GREENVILLE, SC -- If you're a devotee of SuperClubs and Hedonism II, as well as Couples Ocho Rios, be sure to review the SuperClubs Saga & Hedonism History Page and SuperClubs Chronology Page for a lot of interesting information.

RUNAWAY BAY, Jamaica -- On September 22, 1999, the Caribbean Chronicles' ace rep orter, Jamaica Jim Jordan, visited Hedonism III for the first time!
    The resort hosted a large group of travel agents at a gala held during the last weekend in September, which included tours to other SuperClubs' resorts -- Grand Lido San Souci, Grand Lido Braco, Breezes Golf and Beach Resort -- and a golf tournament at the Breezes Golf Course in Runaway Bay.
     Jamaica Jim has compiled a complete, comprhensive "trip report" for the education and edification of our readers.  Make sure and read all about what this new SuperInclusive SuperClubs resort offers!


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