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"The Naked Truth about Hedonism II"

The Story of One Man's Six Years On a Desert Island
Over the years I have done my share of internet cyber surfing.  I guess it's my mental attempt to emulate Sloan Wilson's book title Away from it All.  In the book, the author recounts approaching middle age and facing up to his boredom by doing what needs to be done to change his life ... "getting away from it all!"  I'd have loved to get away from it all myself, to an island with sun and sand and sea, away from the madding crowds.
Some years back I was browsing the web for information about George Novak aka Barefoot Man (this link is also listed above).  I noticed that Barefoot had a comment on his site then in which he said his life changed drastically when he was a teenager, after reading a book entitled An Island to Oneself by Tom Neale.  (Barefoot's site now includes only the comment, "find an island with a strange name like Manihiki, Suwarrow or Rarotonga")  Neale had lived alone on the Pacific island of Suwarrow, in the Cook Islands for a number of years and that sure sounded like something I really wanted to read!

I used the information on Neale's book to do a web search where I found the link (click on the picture at right) and I heartily recommend it - and Tom's book - to you.

Cover picture from Tom Neale's book, An Island to Oneself
"An Island to Oneself"

The below linked has worlds of information about about the various places in South Pacific, including some links to Neale's life.

Taori's "Pacific Islands Info" Site

"Avast, me Hearty ... you dig it!"

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