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For all y'all who are searching for the best place in cyberspace for information, have I got a surprise for you!!!  CompuServe © Information Service has made the full service available directly to everybody on the internet!!   You read right -- y'all can now virtually visit The Travel Forum on the CompuServe, to obtain the very best information about the Caribbean.   And, if anybody should know, it's me --I'm the Caribbean section leader for The Travel Forum -- and our fine forum staff of professional travelers know their way around the Caribbean, believe you me!.

Forum members have the ability to obtain the most up-to-date information about the various islands, posted as current messages by other members -- some of whom live on and access The Travel Forum directly from the islands.  Our members post questions and get excellent answers quickly from other folks who may have just visited that island, location or resort.   And members returning from their trips compose and upload reports on their stay to the file libraries of the forum.  The Caribbean section library contains over sixteen hundred information files and graphic images that are readily available to our members to download.

Come on over, access CompuServe and check out The Travel Forum.   It's currently accessible directly from the internet and you can see what all The Travel Forum has in the way of information, messages, benefits to members, etc.   To see what CompuServe has to offer to everybody, simply click on the links below to drop into the forums.  Y'all come on over now, you heah!  Just click on the image below!

Link to CompuServe Travel Forum

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