SuperClubs® and Hedonism II® Chronology

In conjunction with "The Saga of SuperClubs and The History of Hedonism" page here on the web site, below is an first pass attempt to show the chronological progression of SuperClubs and what is now Hedonism II.  This effort is by no means completely accurate, since it is a compilation of information from a variety of sources.  If you see something that is incorrect, please post the details to JJJ@JAMAICAJIM.COM -- Thanks!

Jamaica Jim Jordan

January 13, 2001

1943 Abe Issa acquires hotel in Kingston
1949 Abe Issa builds Tower Isle Hotel, Ocho Rios - the first tourist hotel on Jamaica's North Coast
1973 P.J. Patterson (then Minister of Tourism) approaches John Issa to develop hotel in Negril
1974 John Issa conceives and develops Negril Beach Village for the Jamaican government
1975 Frank Rance joins Issa Hotels as VP Sales & Administration, Runaway Bay Hotel
1976 Negril Beach Village opens under Issa management
1976 Rance moved to Negril Beach Village as General Manager
1976 - 1977 Rance institutes first nude beach in Jamaica
1976 - 1977 Negril Beach Village exceeds projected income by wide margin
1977 Issa Hotels converts lease of Runaway Bay Hotel to management contract due to national unrest 
Late 1977 Rance leaves Negril Beach Village
1978 Jamaican government take over operation and management of Negril Beach Village
1977 - 1978 Rance consults with Issa on changing Tower Isle to "couples only" concept
1978 Couples opened - Tony Ferrari named General Manager
1981 SuperClubs leases Negril Beach Village from the Jamaican government
1981 SuperClubs changes Negril Beach Village name to Hedonism II and gets purchase option on resort
1980s John Issa and SuperCLubs separate from Issa Hotels
1989 SuperClubs exercises purchase option and buys Hedonism II
1990 SuperClubs builds first Grand Lido in Negril
1990 - 2001 SuperClubs continues to expand, with additional resorts in Jamaica - Grand Lido Braco, Grand Lido Sans Souci, Breezes Montego Bay, Breezes Golf and Beach Resort (originally named "Jamaica Jamaica"); the Bahamas - with Breezes Bahamas; Breezes Costa Do Sauipe in Brazil; and the planned Grand Lido St. Kitts, and four resorts in Cuba; Breezes Curacao planned
1996 SuperClubs celebrated its twentieth anniversary
2001 Hedonism II celebrated twentieth anniversary (First Week in November,2001)
2001 SuperClubs claunched a new family oriented resort theme - Starfish Resorts - with Trelawny Beach Resort in Falmouth renovated and re-launched as Starfish Trelawny Beach Resort, an affiliated resort to SuperClubs
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