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II personally don't like to find that a web page I want to view has an "Under Construction" sign!   However, some times -- and this is one of those times -- it becomes necessary to include an unfinished page, and I had to resort  to using a couple of  Under Construction icons!    While my ABCs trip was way back in March, 2002, in this instance, the real reason is -- I'm "lazy!" No, the truth is I needed to get some other new pages created and uploaded and that necessitated additions to the menu links on the already existing pages.  So, rather than having to modify the menus on all of the pages again, it was easier to simply include links to all of the new pages, including this one! 

As this is being created -- it's now April, 2003 -- I hopefully will have this page completed soon.  So, Dear Heart, have faith and please plan to access this page (and the other two -- the Breezes Curacao Album and the new Hedonism III Album  --  that are being created) again in the very near future. 
Thanks -- much love -- and maximum respect!

Jamaica Jim 

PS -- One thing -- I bet that MY "Under Construction" icons above and below look a helluva lot fancier and shinier than your icons! 


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