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Hello! Welcome to
Jamaica Jim's
Home Place!!

A Neat Caribbean 
Place in Cyber Space!

Over the years, I've made more than sixty trips to Jamaica (aka the "Land of Wood and Water"), which should explain the origin of my "Nom de Cyber!!  Hey!  I plan to keep going to both - till I "get it right!"
"Jamaica Jim" is the name and Caribbean traveling is my game!  Back in 1993, I realized that work just wasn't any fun anymore ... so I just plain up and quit!  (I'm serious ... to me, "work" is the quintessential four letter word!)  Now, I don't work at all!  I travel as often as I can and spend the rest of the time at my computer!

If you don't already know, I'm an avid aficionado of anything to do with The Caribbean and all the various islands that comprise the 28 different governmental entities there.  Here I've tried to produce a cyberspace place where you can view my personal thoughts on some of these great countries.  In addition to my travels all over the world and playing on my multiple computers, (and NOT working), I also take some time to enjoy driving my "Bitchin' Red Toyota Solara" around town with the top down!  (Click on the link in the last sentence, and you'll pop up a view of our house in Swansgate Seniors Community.  And, click here for a map showing our location off Grove Road in Greenville, SC.)

I hope you'll find this to be an interesting and informative web site and that you'll bookmark it and return often.  I had originally created a web site on CompuServe's Our World host, but it was somewhat clunky to manage. I ended up getting my very own domain name ... ... and I migrated the original pages to a host server!  I've now completely redone the web site and I've tried to keep the pages uncluttered and quick to load.  To that end, I've included a master menu on each page and from it you can easily navigate the entire site. 

I'll be adding additional pages, new and I hope insightful content and new graphics.  You will see some few "Under Construction" signs on my web site though I would rather not have them there, since the various pages are continually "Under Construction" as I try to produce a better and better place for my friends to virtually visit.  (To me, there is no such thing as a "stranger" ... folks I don't know are just friends I haven't met ... yet!)

I have also collected a number of hot links to other island related web sites where you will find in-depth information about the many islands.  I do continually add links as I find them on the web, so if you don't see what you are looking for on this visit, come on back again ... I may have added just the link you're looking for by your next virtual visit.  If there is a link that you think needs to be added here, please post me an e-mail and I'll try to get it included on my next update.

I get all kinds of questions from people all over the world asking me about the Caribbean, Hedonism II in Negril and other vacation venues I've visited.  (I've made more than a hundred trips to the Caribbean, and I've been to Jamaica more than sixy times, to Hedonism II thirty-nine times and to Hedonism III seventeen times ... so far!)  Now, I haven't been to all the islands in the Caribbean and I don't pretend to be an expert ... on ANYTHING!  But, I do have some good insights into the various island nations that are there and I have a large reference library of more than a hundred travel books ... every one of them about the Caribbean!  (Nina, my "first wife" ... of forty-two years ... says I read travel books the way other folks read novels!) 

I'll be happy to have you post me any questions you might have on the islands, the peoples and the resorts scattered around the Caribe Basin.  And, I do "try" to reply to each and every e-mail I get.

I hope you have a really fun virtual visit to My Home Place in Cyber Space!

Navigating around my web site!
Okay, now you've reached the place where you can easily navigate around, through, inside and outside my web site.  In the Site Menu on the left, you can click on any of my pages and automagically transport yourself through the vast expanse of cyberspace to exactly where you want to be!  From here, you can read about Good Ol' Jamaica Jim himself, browse some of my trip reports and some of my silly stuff, view my personal photograph albums, see photographs from some of my island vacation destinations and start surfing the internet using a whole raft of hot links to "what's hot and what's not" in the Caribbean!  Enjoy your virtual visit!
E-mail me your questions ... whatever questions you have about anything at all... and I'll try, in my Southern syntax and my down home humor, to provide you with answers to your questions about the Caribbean and especially Jamaica and Hedonism.  And please tell me that you are posting your e-mail from my home page, so I'll know all my work wasn't in vain!
(Psssst!  If you're finished here and want to explore 
a really neat, new place, why not try going HERE?)
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